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FREE AR-15, just win the photo contest, and you get it free.


Mankato Guns does not list guns on Armslist, we do not sell through that platform and anyone claiming to be selling as Mankato Guns on Armslist is a fraud.

I have had a complaint that someone with a 718 area code phone number (718 is New York City) is using our name to try to defraud people on Arms list.

We do sell on Gunbroker, Silencershop, Gallery of Guns, and our own website Mankatoguns.com but we do not list anything on armslist.

Thank you


Ninja News : $25 Veteran Permits!

$25 PERMITS TO CARRY FOR VETERANS IN WASECA COUNTY. Yes, you read that right, if you are a veteran who lives in Waseca County, the application fee for a permit to carry is only $25. The Sheriff Brad Milbrath is a proud supporter of veterans and offers a $25 fee for Permits to carry. Here is a link to his fees: https://www.co.waseca.mn.us/DocumentCe…/…/4729/Sheriff-Fees…

Photo Contest Winner is Mike and Charlie

Mike and Charlie have won the photo contest.

We will be doing another photo contest Memorial Day through Labor Day.

IDF Magazine Holders are IN!!!


Yes, you can have the best of both worlds, a rifle ready to go within seconds, and have it unloaded. These magazine holders carry a loaded magazine in the mag well, so all you have to do, press the magazine release, reinsert the magazine upright, and release the bolt. So you have the safety of an unloaded firearm with the security of a magazine always ready.

Is your AR naked without a silencer?

Cover up your muzzle with a Gemtech Trek Suppressor for only $426. Yes, your AR will be proud to sport a nice solid steel Full Auto Rated silencer.

We just got a shipment of these in and they are selling fast at only $426. These are full auto rated, solidly built of steel, direct thread mounted (which is usually more accurate than QD mounts), and drops the sound by about 29 decibels (takes your 5.56 ammo and makes it sound like a .22 short, there are BB guns louder than this).

Here is a good review (this review even shows cooking bacon on a suppressor): https://fishgame.com/2016/10/gemtech-5-56-trek-claw-hammer-suppressor-world/

We will help you through all the paperwork, and file most of it digitally so that it is streamlined and painless.

When you buy directly from Mankato Guns, we only charge the price plus taxes, you don’t pay any transfer fees.

We also can get other brands and types of silencers, just stop by and ask.


We just got a shipment of plate carriers in, both deluxe carriers with molle webbing and discreet carriers. We also have in a selection of Level IIIA plates capable of stopping handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum in both soft and hard plates. We can special order level IV plates to stop rifle rounds.

Conceal Carry Classes

We’re dedicated to ensuring that every client gets the firearms training to confidently, legally and safely apply for a resident or non-resident Minnesota CCW permit. The class meets the training requirements for applying for either a resident or non-resident Minnesota CCW permit, which has reciprocity agreements with 25 other states (as of 7/20/2015 information from USCCA.com. Since the trainers are cross trained through the NRA as pistol instructors, the class also meets the requirement for CCW permits for other states, such as Florida, which allows for and additional 8 states for a total of 33