Monthly Archive March 26, 2020

Mankato Guns to Open Regular Hours during Governor Walz’s Shelter in Place Order

Mankato Guns will be open!

We are an essential retail business that sells safety equipment to keep your workplaces and business safe. Also the Governor’s order was clear those who can work from home MUST WORK FROM HOME! So, I will be working from home, the shop is in the front half of my house, since he has ordered that I must work.

So come on down, maintain a respectful social distance and we will continue to provide you with products and materials for all your safety needs.

No Price Gouging At Mankato Guns

Since yesterday’s Presidential Address regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of our rival gun shops have raised thier prices to gouge gun owners in a panic buying spree. WE REFUSE TO PRICE GOUGE! This is our policy, so we will not be raising any prices until 3/15 when we reorder, if wholesale prices have gone up considerably, we may have to change then, but through this weekend of panic buying we are keeping our prices at the regularly low prices.